About Aina Ola

Aina Ola was incorporated in the State of Hawaii in 1990 and has become one of the premiere general contractors on the Big Island. R. L. Trull, the founder and the driving force behind the company, has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, both on the mainland and in Hawaii. With this experience and the knowledge that comes with it, he and his team of dedicated managers and master craftsmen have designed and built custom homes throughout the island. Just as important as experience and knowledge is “connection” – the relationship, respect and trust built over years of working together. Aina Ola has built synergistic relationships with architects, subcontractors, suppliers and other key people in the construction industry, both on and off island.

With experience, knowledge and connection, Aina Ola custom homes incorporate the best management, competitive prices and meticulous workmanship to get the job done with efficiency and excellence. Aina Ola’s reputation as the company that delivers on time, on budget, with outstanding craftsmanship is reflected in our employees’ pride in their work. We love what we do!


Aina Ola has a connection to the island and to the community, the architects, designers, developers, subcontractors and suppliers. Aina Ola means giving life to the land. Our name was chosen to reflect our respect and love for the island.


Aina Ola combines industry knowledge and craftsmanship with experience at all phases of construction. An Aina Ola home incorporates solid management, expert cost analysis and quality craftsmanship with an island conscience.


Aina Ola is managed and run by one of the most knowledgeable architects and contractors on the island. Aina Ola, with its team of expert project managers and highly skilled craftsmen, is the resource for your Hawaiian dream home.